Discovery, Designing And Use Of Various Fire Helmets

By Sandra A. Bailey

Fire fighting is often a life threatening and intense physical job. A firefighter is responsible for public welfare. He risks his life to defend us from fire involving hazards. Every day, these officers have to take care of giant fires, break via open windows, dig holes in walls or drill roofs to enter a burning developing. In such cases, you will find dangers that a wall might collapse or the underlying floor may well break down thus resulting in injuring them. Hence, firefighting officers should be equipped with protective clothes and gadgets.

A fire helmet forms an essential element of their dress. It covers and protects their skull (that is a delicate portion of our physique) against sudden injuries. In this report, we shall explore the history of firefighter helmet.

The invention of fire helmets took spot approximately 250 years back with the motif of delivering comfort and protection to firemen. Initially it had a stovetop like design which was really identical to the hat worn by Abraham Lincoln in ancient instances and it was painted based on the ranks of individual fighters.

While brigade chiefs wore white helmets, lieutenants and captains wore either a black and white helmet or a headgear with white front and red back. Firemen involved with engine companies used black hoods, the ones working in ladder company used red hoods while those employed in the rescue team used blue hoods.

Since then fire helmet experienced several transformations. Modern day caps come in yellow shade and are furnished with extra accessories attached to them like ear flaps, eye shields and mouth covers. Leather has surfaced as a principle manufacturing material through it is used with Nomex threads, rubber and other heat insulating materials to meet the safety standards set by NFPA or National Fire Protection Association. As per the international safety regulations, these caps should be resistant towards electrical surges, pressure, direct flames and high temperatures.

Mentioned beneath are couple of particulars on distinctive designs of fire helmet:

- Leatherheads are old style, typical leather caps that were painted with international firefighting symbol of US. It was one of the oldest designs used for these headgears.

- Beaver or Brass eagle hoods were normal curvy helmets that had a beaver or eagle monogram in the front. They were either made up of plastic or resistant rubber and were referred to as slick tops or salad bowls, owning to their streamlined shape.

- Merryweather caps were popular among British during Victorian era (probably in 1868). They were available in the market up till 19th century.

- The latest firefighting hoods used by contemporary officers includes the F1 helmet model. It was designed by Gallet-- French subsidiary working under MSA. The famous SPECTRA military helmet was also designed on the same principles. These products complied with European standards and protected all-round protection.

Presently, there are several other models and versions of fire helmet. You can find your favorite designs in stores and online websites, as per your requirements.

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