How To Keep Your Pantry Organized And Inventoried

By Thandy J. Revill

Keep your pantry organized by eliminating damaged and out of date stock. Small pantries should not be overladen with excess stock. Keep regularly used items in the kitchen, and place a larger cupboard near that location. Products will be moved in and out regularly, similar to a warehouse. Aging stock would be rotated out first based on expiration dates.

The initial access area should be in the kitchen, where cooks can reach items quickly. This area should include cabinet shelves that are stocked with consumables that are used everyday to prepare meals, or light snacks. Items such as dry onion mixes, aluminum foil, trash bags, paper towels pertain. Large quantities of these items are not needed here.

Store items like paper towels, coffee filters, candies, cookies, in the kitchen closet. Include coffee creamers, sugar, artificial sweeteners and canned goods used most often like mushrooms, evaporated milk, hot chocolate, energy drinks, nuts, and crackers. For freshness sake, all prepared pasta, rice, and noodles should be stored in the kitchen.

Allow plenty of space between cupboard aisles so that people can walk through easily. Place can goods in one area in a series of rows. Labels should be arranged at eye level, and stock should be stacked from the rear of each row. Using this method, it will be easy to see when quantities are low. Review the expiration dates regularly, and straighten stock often. Place industrial sized cans on lower shelves.

The inventory held in pantries will change periodically when new items are added. Special offers will entice people to buy more, so more space will be needed for those items. No perishable items should be kept in the larder. Place large packages of paper products in a central area, and determine how many items will need to be maintained on a regular basis.

Store household chemicals, laundry detergent and cleansers separately, including automotive supplies. Check the flash point on these items and consider storing these in a large container with lid that can be transported from the house quickly if a spill occurs.

Incentives for savings such as coupons and retailer discounts can motivate people to create a stock pile of certain items. Pantries can be filled with items that may not be used for months. To keep your pantry organized, it will be helpful if everyone straightened up rows when items are removed. A regular inventory will ensure that goods are fresh and ready to use at anytime.

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