Learn More On KitchenAid Food Processor

By Ester G. White

Using KitchenAid Food Processor generally makes preparation of food to be less overwhelming and untidy. The processor models available are 7-cup, 9-cup and 12-cup. A number of its models have a wide feed tube, citrus juicer and mini-work bowl particularly for small jobs. These devices are simple to use. In addition, majority of its parts can be cleaned in a dishwasher hence making clean up an easy task.

Nonetheless, you must clean all parts present on a dishwasher before you consider using it. Thus, you can put your work bowl on a base of a shaft. Make sure that it is locked and this can be achieved if you continuously rotate it. If the processor has a mini-bowl, then put the bowl in the work bowel, fix your blade, and wrap it.

For you to use this device you need to follow some steps. Place the prepared food to the feed tube and push the on button. You should apply even force to your food pusher. Nonetheless, you should not get rid of the cover until the blade stops spinning. You need to utilize the utmost level line on your work bowl as a channel while processing liquids.

If you opt to use your juicer, then all fruits should be cut into halves. Fruits and vegetables have to be peeled and seeds removed before the processing starts. You need to cut all your vegetables and fruits into halves or quarters for them to fit well in the feed tube.

You may chop raw or cooked meat into small pieces. Therefore, the meat must be frozen but be softened so that you able to pierce it by using a fork and place it on your feed tube. Furthermore, the meat must be cold and chopped into small pieces before putting them into the feed tube.

In case you desire to process cheese, ensure it is cold. Do not try to process cheese which is very tough for you to pierce using a knife. Furthermore, if you want to process herbs, first ensure it is dried before processing it on the feed tube.

Whenever it comes to washing this gadget, it is very easy. This is because most of its components are safe for dishwasher besides the cord and the base. With the KitchenAid Food Processor being unplugged, clean the parts with soapy and warm soft cloth. Nonetheless, you must keep all other parts distant from the heating element of the dishwasher. Clean other parts by using your hand. After cleaning, dry all parts.

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