A Closer Look At The CNA Courses

By Virgil Quijas

The Red Cross Society that is the first responder in medical emergencies also has a great reputation for supplying high quality Certified Nursing Assistant training program. The students are trained from the experts at Red Cross. The Red Cross is a logical spot to get accredited CNA training, due to its strong tradition of nursing.

The organization has supplied CNA training for over 20 years and continues to be involved with nursing for over one hundred years. The Red Cross CNA programs are less expensive compared to the CNA programs provided somewhere else. After passing the program the Red Cross might also give job placement to begin a profession as Certified Nursing Assistant.

Requirements of Red Cross CNA Training program

If you would like to enroll in the Red Cross CNA training program you ought to be atleast eighteen years. You shouldn't have any felony convictions within last seven years. You have to be free from communicable illnesses. Ladies who're attending CNA training program should not be expecting. Candidates should be physically ready to deal with various duties of the training. Students should not be mentally or physically disabled. You need to also be High school graduate. It's compulsory to pay screening charge of $35. In the event the potential CNA TB screening and/or background check doesn't clear, payment refund will be issued, less the screening charge. As soon as the potential Certified Nurse Assistant has registered for the CNA Training program, the screening fee is non-refundable.

Program Overview

The American Society Red Cross provides high quality CNA training that meets the State requirements for CNA Certification. The training may vary from one state to another. The CNA trainees are supervised by the RNs during their training hours.

The course work of Red Cross CNA training program involve anatomy and physiology, diet, medical terminology, infection control together with medical and lab practices. Red Cross offers medical practice to its students by volunteering in health care settings such as hospitals and nursing house settings. After finishing the test you've to provide CNA Certification Examination of the state. The Red Cross CNA examination is divided into two sections, one is a Written Test and another is Skills Test. The maximum time consumed from the examination is five hours. You have to first pass the written test prior to proceeding to the skills test. You'll get the outcome on the exact same day you're taking examination. If you're able to pass in the examination you then are qualified to work as a Certified Nursing Assistant in different medical settings. Red Cross Society might help you with job placement after graduation. Red Cross trainees who're employed in workforce Investment Act Job Training program is about 50%.

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