What Does the New Bill Mean for CNA?

By Elana Nickey

Most of the CNAs take most of their time during training getting trained on how to lift the patients. In past times, many CNA had to face risk of getting their patients injured while lifting patients, mainly those who are disabled. There were two methods taught to CNA students for lifting the patients, one is alone and next is with the help of another CNA. There is good news for any CNA who has experienced strains or sprains, hurt muscles, aching joints, or were just plain tired of lifting patients alone. This good news comes in the form of new Safe Patient Handling Bill. Click this link to know about CNA schools in Chicago.

Law passed a very important bill On October 9, 2011 that has made great pace among nurses and CNAs. This has already a law since January, 2012. This new bill is called the A.B. 1136 Swanson Safe Patient Handling Legislation. In United States, this law is considered as strongest healthcare worker and patient protection measure. According to new bill, all the health care institutions should have special patient lifting team and equipment for proper and safe handling of patients. The lifts or teams will be based on severity of illness as well as worker safety. The charge nurse who is responsible for supervision of each patients is responsible for professional judgment and order for those who need to be moved and when.

You, as a CNA may worry about not getting comply with the facility. No need to worry because the new law says every care facility, even rural and children's facilities must comply. Correctional facilities and developmental centers are only excused from this law. Besides this, all facilities must comply, punishable by law if not put in place. In case of law enforcement; occupational Safety and Health Act will have jurisdiction over the bill and will be the enforcers.

You may be thinking that you do not have duty in lifting the patients. No, you're wrong. Occasionally you'll be asked to help with lifts, mainly in emergency circumstances. But, you do not need to lift the patients in every day basis like in past periods.

As assigned from the legislation there'll be a lifting group in every facility. You may be wondering who may be the lifting group. The lifting group will be allotted from the facility itself with appropriate quantity of individuals. CNA job is becoming simple day-to-day due to improvement of new technologies.

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