Bible Verses On Anxiety And Worry

By Toni Howe

Rising oil prices, high inflation, divorce, sicknesses, political instability and fear of bankruptcy are just but some of the reasons why a majority of people fret and stress over so many issues. As a matter of fact ailments such as high blood pressure, depression and cardiac arrest have been attributed to anxiety and stress. Taking guidance from bible verses on anxiety is the ideal source of relief and peace. bible verses on anxiety

As every nation in the world aims to become independent we are now worrying over the possibility of nuclear attack and civil wars amongst other things. In the midst of all these chaos surrounding us, there are bible verses on anxiety that seek to reassure us of unconditional love of God.

The Gospel of Mathew chapter 6 stanzas 27 to 29 show us that fussing over worldly issues brings to us nothing. By worrying, you will not add a single day to your life. In these verses, the bible tells us how the birds in the air are fed and clothed on a daily basis yet they do not or worry about where their next meal will come from.

Proverbs 12:25 tells us how fretting over issues function in harming our well-being. The verse encourages us to speak life by uttering inspiring words to people who are going through difficult times. According to numerous studies, depression is usually triggered by anxiety. However, we can avoid such ailments in our lives by stopping to worry.

In the book of Matthew chapter 6 stanzas 30, the word of God teaches us that worrying distance us from love of God. By worrying, it means that you have little faith in God. Instead of worrying, we need to spend more time in prayers seeking answers that are hidden to us as human beings but can be shown to us by the Grace of God.

Other bible verses on anxiety include Mathew 6:25, Mathew 6:31-33 and 1 Peter 5:7. These bible verses teach us that by worrying and stressing on issues that are beyond us basically places our focus on the wrong direction.

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