The Most Frequent Auto Repair Complaints

By Mike Doffer

If you are in the market for buying a car you probably want to find one that is low maintenance when it comes to auto repair. As a general rule of thumb the car will have more issues the older the make and model of the car is. This is typically due to the vehicles manufacture overlooking design flaws that make them more prone to specific faults. The goal of this article is to give you an insight of the most frequent types of auto repairs and inform you which car models can give you a less chance of having these sorts of issues.

There are numerous things that could go wrong in your car that will require auto repair; your heater not getting warm enough, a steering pump that constantly fails, a globe that blows out, or even your car completely not working for no apparent reason. In any of these situations you should be prepared and know what to do in order to fix them. Of course if you have the knowledge to fix these problems yourself, it will save you a lot of money. On the other hand, it could cost you a pretty penny but save you some time.

When choosing a car you should be aware that depending on the make and model your repairs could be much more expensive. Usually the auto repair will cost more on luxury brand cars such as BMW, Lexus, and Mercedes. That means that if you have a common problem such as your heater not working, it will cost you much less if you have a non-luxury car than if you do, the bill can be substantially different.

When it comes to general problems with cars the most common ones include breaks wearing out, transmission stops working, windows getting stuck and won't work, dashboard cracking, and the transmission being jerky. With these issues there are of course specific models of cars that are more prone to them. In the 2008 Honda accord the most common complaint is having premature break wear, and when it comes to the 2001 Honda Civic it's often said it has problems with the transmission failing. So when buying a car you want to make good judgments and do your research to find out if the make and model you're looking at has any unusual or common auto repair issues.

A study was done in which they researched which car makes and models required the most auto repair. The top five cars regarding the amount of problems they had are the 2002 Ford Explorer, the 2003 Honda Accord, the 2004 Ford Explorer, the 2000 Dodge Intrepid, and the 2001 Honda Civic. Next time you are looking for a car, make a list of these and be sure to avoid them if you don't want to deal with the common and possible constant problems they may have.

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