Red Tissue Paper Wedding Decorations

By Jane Morris

The color red is a well-liked color for marriages in the holiday season, Valentines Day, 4th of July themed marriages, and for couples who love the color red any time. There are a few red tissue paper wedding gifts you could make or decorate for your visitors whether you need to say many thanks or give them something to remind them of your special day.

Now, let us look at a few good ideas for red tissue paper wedding favors. One of the most popular wedding favor gifts is candy in some type of ornamental box or bag. Oftentimes the couple has the candy (candy hearts, M&Ms, wrapped candy) monogrammed with their initials or if the wrapper or candy is huge enough their names and even marriage dates. With candy hearts, the couple can have a selection of words such as their names placed on some of the hearts and their marriage date on others together with other words like love, for good and any word that can represent a theme of their marriage. Pictures can also be placed on the candy.

Then these candy items are placed in an ornamental container. You can save a little money by buying plain white boxes or plastic bags. Cover the boxes in red tissue paper and decorate them with any craft item you like. For the plastic bags, you can also decorate the bag using red tissue paper by making hearts or anything wedding related and employing a clear drying glue to glue them to the bag.

Another idea many couples choose as a wedding favour that may be made with red tissue paper is tiny centerpieces; to make these you'll need a wine glass (dollar store) and some petals from the dominate flower you select for your wedding. Place the red tissue paper petals in the wine glass; tie a small bow around the stem of the wine glass with lace or thin ribbon. You may decorate the glass by attaching 1 or 2 hearts or other marriage themed pictures with clear drying glue. Mix a little potpourri in with the petals for a nice scent.

Marriage scrapbook: on the cover write the couples name and wedding date and place a few footage of when they were dating within, their engagement picture and marriage statement. Save a few pages for a couple of marriage pictures that may be mailed together with the thank you cards or footage the guests took themselves. Use red tissue paper to cover each sheet (3X5 or 4X6) index cards work. Punch holes in the top, thread some yarn, lace or ribbon through the holes, and tie them off to keep the book together.

These are just a few red tissue paper wedding favors you can make for your guests if you can include a special message of thanks. Your visitors will appreciate the additional thoughtfulness.

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