About Foundation Repair

By Denver Teti

When it comes to your foundation, the purpose is to transfer the weight of the building to the rocks and dirt that it sits on. The settling of a foundation improperly is one of the largest causes for foundation repair work. When the foundation settles improperly, structures can lose their value and also have the capability to become dangerous. Some of the main causes of improper foundation settling include building on an expansive clay base, improper use of filler soils or compression, and poor maintenance. Another less common explanation for an improper foundation settlement would be an unknown air pocket underneath the soil near or around the construction area. The air pockets tend to collapse around the foundation and cause it to cave in, leaving the structure very dangerously unstable.

Symptoms of a poor foundation include bulging walls, cracks within those walls, as well as improperly closing doors. Foundations that are built on expansive soils will have a tendency to settle improperly causing damage. The displacement of the weight on a foundation due to a small part settling can cause major cracks in and around the foundation. Separation of windows from walls and doors from floors are just some of the major warning signs associated with a floor foundation that is settling improperly. Your floor may become cracked and not line up properly with the walls of your home or other building.

There are a multitude of foundation repair process to choose from. Many materials have been used for foundation repairs in the past including cement, wood, stone, and steel. Using these materials, a crew trained in foundation repair could forcibly insert them into the ground surrounding the foundation and strengthen it. While this is a great short term fix, in the long term it is not a solution to your problems. When it comes to long term repair, the best ways to fix your foundation include the slab jacking and Piering methods. The Piering method consists of using a hydraulic jack to lift up a portion of the foundation.

The process of slab jacking involves the placement of grout between a slab or beam to provide stability. In order to strengthen a beam and move it back to its original height, slab jacking is a great force to use. The amount of sand underneath the beams is extremely important when adding extra grout, so make sure that you have taken the right steps to keep everything level and steady.

When using the Piering method, crews shove steel posts or rods into the unstable soil. After the beams are in place, the crew uses a hydraulic jack to once again stabilize the concrete that has been displaced by the beams. You must use steel because of concretes amazing compressive strength.

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