Amputation from Road Traffic Accident

By Alex Fletcher

Losing a limb can be one of the most painful and traumatising experiences that you can have as the result of a road traffic accident. Although there are more serious situations, such as death that can occur, losing a limb can have a real impact on your life and can make it incredibly difficult to complete even some of the most simple tasks. The impact that losing a limb can have on your lifestyle is significant and you may have to make substantial changes to be able to carry out tasks as you did before.

Amputation is one of the most traumatising experiences that a person can go through, and although it has become a lot easier in recent decades with the introduction of prosthetic limbs and improvements in surgery techniques, nothing can replace the ability of a regular limb and you will find that even after the best surgery you may not be able to regain the full mobility, motion or strength that you once had before your accident.

Depending on which area of your body has sustained the most injuries, there are a range of amputations which may need to take place. Your arm, forearm, hand or even finger may need to be amputated as the result of an upper body injury.

In general, amputation only needs to take place if a limb becomes detached for an extended period of time and is therefore lacking blood - essentially the limb dies - otherwise you may be eligible to have your existing limb reattached and although it can be a long rehabilitation process, you may be able to go back to using your limb in very much the same way that you could before your accident.

Your leg or part of your leg may need to be amputated if your injuries are confined to the lower part of your body. Walking, running and even moving around on a general basis can become difficult, as can going to work or partaking in your job as you usually would.

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