Find Out About The Benefits Of Using Structural Foam

By Toni Howe

Polystyrene is a product we come across frequently in our everyday lives. We often use polystyrene cups and food containers, because they help to keep the food and drink hot. However, we also use it as a protective packaging material, and as structural foam for the insulation of buildings. structural foam

Once the high density sealant solidifies, it becomes water resistant. You can reasonably expect your insulation last for years. You should not have to endure the problems that can be caused by mold or mildew around your house.

The construction industries use high specification polyurethane filler to produce molds for structural parts. It can also be used to protect the exterior of the building by creating a veneer that will withstand poor weather conditions. The better the insulation, the less heat will escape, saving money and energy.

A very high percentage of polystyrene products can and are recycled. The main use for recycled polystyrene is the cushion used for carpets. The production process is clean with minimum pollution levels. Costs of manufacture and transportation to suppliers are much lower than other types of insulation.

Any supplier of building and plumbing materials will stock supplies of these fillers. It is sold in a spray can which makes it easy to use. The user just points it towards the cavity and gradually depresses the spray lever. The product immediately begins to expand until the cavity is full. It will firm up quite quickly to provide a solid insulation wall.

This versatile product may be used in places around the home, you would not think off. If your windows and doors are double glazed, the chances are that spacers used by the glazier are made from this product. Foaming spacers are easier to work with than metal ones and there is less risk of damaging the glass. Many of your storage boxes in the garage or the house are likely to have been constructed using a resin shell.

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