Military Veterans Meeting VA Loan Requirements Are Finding The Home Purchasing Process To Be Easy And Rewarding

By Stacy R. Kress

Many military veterans are discovering numerous home buying benefits once they have qualified for VA home loans by meeting the borrower-friendly VA loan requirements. After all, the VA home loan program has a lengthy and respected history of helping military families buy their first homes.

Helping veterans and their families since it was first launched seven decades ago as part of the original GI Bill in 1944 at the end of the second world war, it was created for two main reasons: give thanks to those had fought long in hard in that foreign war and to help strengthen the nation's economy by strengthening the housing market. In those 70-something years that it has been helping military veterans purchase homes, the VA home plan has backed more than $911 billion in mortgages that have gone to borrowers who had met the VA loan requirements. Around 90% of these loans have been 100% financed, which meant the military veterans were not required to put any money down.

Military veterans who are interested in learning whether or not they meet the VA loan requirements, first have to know what the basic items they will need to have on hand to apply for the loan are. To start the loan process, a military veteran will need to gather evidence documenting their last two years of professional life by putting together proof of the last two years of employment history, the last two years of housing history, copies of the last two W2's, Social Security Number, current gross income, a copy of their DD214 and certificate of eligibility.

Gathering these supporting documents together goes a long way towards helping military veterans meet the VA loan requirements, so that they can purchase homes. Due to the fact that they do not request as many documents and upfront cash as other mortgages, many housing industry observers have the opinion that VA home loans are the easiest and cheapest mortgages available to the public. VA home loan specialists can help military veterans understand how they can go about qualifying for these loans.

The people who are defending and who have protected America have done so with honor. These people have this selflessly and for little in return, so it is very nice that our nation has made it possible for our military veterans to purchase their families' first homes through the use of the VA home loan program.

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