The Documentation of Cannabis for Human Progress

By Karen B. Gonzalez

For as long as we can successfully track an association between hemp and people, there seems to be a valuable association between the two. For as far back as thousands of years ago, when we originally began keeping registers, scientists have uncovered sure confirmation that hemp has been utilized as garments, cordage and lashing, medical care, and quite possibly even hedonistic use. That's a whole lot of narrative to demonstrate hemp has the potential to make our mortal lives easier and more productive.

Archaeologists found a settlement in China that antedated over 10,000 years, and within the sediment they found ancient pots with twisted hemp flourish around them. Indeed, the cannabis plant has been utilized since the Stone Age! And the early Chinese did didn't just use it for ornament either, but also for clothes, cordage, fishing nets, parchment, and many other advantageous uses. The seed was even viewed as one of China's five cereal grains. Cannabis was so essential to early Chinese civilization that early shaman began using the cannabis plant's stalk as a sign to ward off evil!

Soon, the Chinese determined various separation methods, and recognized the huge capacity of cannabis as a healing and therapeutic material. Historians have discovered that the initial therapeutic use of cannabis, marijuana's scientific name, was documented by Emperor Shen-nung way back in 2000 B.C. Later in history, around the 7th century, the Scythians used cannabis in their ruination rituals, as a narcotic. Scientists have discovered physical data to verify this tradition existed, in addition to the traditional uses as cloth and cordage, etc.

To now cannabis, in numerous civilizations, has solid roots in spiritual process and sacraments. Some Indian, African, South American, and Asian peoples still regard cannabis in an extremely valuable light as a sacred material used in sacerdotal practices. In Jamaica, Rastafarian's see marijuana as a blessed communion. The United States at some point recognized the extensive practical use of the cannabis plant as an unequaled source of strong cordage and hempen cloth, and history reveals that the plant was used by the USA to make ship sails, cordage, and lashings, even being obligated to be grown by farmers during WWII.

To this day, the history of marijuana has shown the plant is utilized to make our lives much easier, and significantly more healthy. Today, there is an extraordinary move to legitimate the cannabis plant on a nationwide level in order that it can be grown by U.S. farmers, and used for its significant therapeutic qualities, as a wholesome food product, and for textile of all types.

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