A Tour Operator In Laos Can Reveal Hidden Gems To Foreign Tourists

By Rosalind Estes

A tour operator in Laos can show tourists a path that is less well trodden. As the country opens up rapidly to tourism the sights and scenes will become less fresh but the tours still available can have the quality of adventure and new discovery.

The undiscovered gem of a country is rapidly being discovered but is still unspoilt. Great tours are still available, especially for people who love the countryside and unspoilt scenery. However, development is changing things and the tours currently offered may not be of the same character in the future. The paths will become more well trodden.

The country was badly affected by politically inspired wars in the 1970s. After the disaster a communist government assumed control of the small landlocked country that has the population of a large city. Tourism was not encouraged until the 1980s when a period of opening up commenced.

A policy of promoting Eco-tourism was adopted. This was wise as the country has many environmental resources both in natural landscapes and in built religious shrines and palaces dating back many centuries. Tourists can arrange to trek through many remote hillside villages, enjoying the natural charm of the people and the dramatic scenery.

The Mekong river flows through Laos and became famous during the Vietnam War. However, it has a current significance as a generator of electricity for the whole region and so is of immense interest to those interested in sustainable development. For others, who enjoy rafting and boating there is excitement and for those interested in river banks there are caves and birds to be admired.

A tour operator in laos can arrange for visits that take in neighboring countries in Southeast Asia such as Cambodia and Vietnam but there is plenty to see for those who wish to stay in Laos. The capital city of Vientiane has influences of various foreign occupiers such as the French, American and Russians that can be visited from the comfort of an upmarket hotel. Waterfalls, caves and religious shrines may be visited in Luang Prabang. The background to all visits and activities will be friendly and unspoilt people and places.

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