What A Court Reporter In California Can Do

By Andrea Rivas

A stenographer or court reporter California is a person who is given the task of transcribing into writing spoken language or recorded speech. These experts are also called stenotype operators and they use voice writing equipment or shorthand machine when doing their job.

The presence of stenographers is required during official proceedings such as court hearings, trials, depositions, litigation and mediation. Such processes would need a way to record or transcribe verbal outputs which are produced. The transcription must be accurate and in real time.

To become one of these professionals, one must pass typing speed tests. This skill is vital in this kind of occupation as one needs to type in the conversations of the proceeding. Only a few students are said to pass this test per year and the drop out rate is high.

It will take approximately two to four years in order to officially become a stenographer. Certificate courses must be obtained from certain schools. Students can also take online training courses for this. To have more experience, they will be required to go on the job training.

There are also certain skills that must be possessed by the person. These include excellent command of spoken language or the language that is used, attention to details and focus. A person should have enough focus for a long period of time to produce accurate results.

Nowadays, there is a demand for these experts as a lot of proceedings are going on in various places. Reporting agencies have opened to provide services to clients. Some of the professionals work independently or as freelancers in this field.

When looking for court reporter california, clients should consider their experience most of all. Those with more experience surely has better skills which also ensure accuracy for the job. Certification from the designated boards are also necessary in this case.

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