How Stunning Designer Skin Will Make Your Life Better And How To Obtain It

By Haywood Hunter

When it comes to beauty, we're not entirely limited by what our mothers gave us. Having designer skin can give us great strides towards attaining splendor. A great dermis is far from common, though.

Perhaps they're under the impression that it's time consuming and costly. Or, more likely, they don't listen to the simple truths our grandmothers told us while growing up. The truth is that it's not difficult to obtain. All we need do is listen to the sensible advice that's been rattling around in our brains since childhood.

It's impossible to have a beautiful exterior without a healthy interior. Diet has the potential to make enormous changes in your outer appearance. It's been said for centuries because it's true.

Everyone's talking about collagen when it comes to preventing wrinkles. You can get your collagen from broccoli and strawberries. Blackberries and blackcurrants are excellent. Nuts and oily fish will give you the omega threes so important for skin health, too.

Believe it or not, drinking 8 glasses of water a day will make an enormous difference in only three days. It hydrates from within. Its effectiveness has been proven in scientific tests but in three days you'll know the facts.

The sun is your primary enemy. It will give you pigmentation spots and lines. It's a shame that so many fall victim to it when it's so easy to avoid with a good daily sunblock. Remember that the sun doesn't wake up only when you lie on the beach. Applying a high SPF lotion every morning is vital.

Even so, a bronze glow is all important for a haute couture skin. It makes legs appear longer, smooths complexion and hides imperfections. Tan in a bottle isn't the fake ocher fright it was in the past so make it your friend and use it often.

Self tans that give you an instant tone are best for avoiding streaks. Soap is very alkaline so use self tan 30 minutes after a shower. Give yourself a good exfoliation before application. There are no excuses for brown palms with the recent availability of gloves designed specially for application.

Finally, you need to find the appropriate beauty routine relative to your age and the depth of your purse. What ever age you are, though, there are a couple of things that are ever relevant. Firstly, at all phases of your routine, aim to retain water. An excellent moisturizer is necessary. Many inexpensive products have amazing reputations. The best way to find them is by asking people with fabulous skin what they use.

Secondly, always be gentle. When exfoliating, use a product with round beads or sugar rather than harsh egg shells. Your toner shouldn't contain alcohol. Your cleanser should clear pores without disturbing PH balance or drying the skin.

Integrating these things into your life won't be time consuming and the results will pay off. There will be much saved on all you'd have had to do to fix damage by the time you're older. You, too, can have a designer skin.

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