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By Marguerite Hickory

Do It Yourself Plumbing Repairs

Probably, the very usual problems pertaining to plumbing include shower and sink clogs. Before you call for an expert at plumbing, you may perform some DIY fixes which are easy to do. Examine if there are hair and particles that you can manually remove. Before doing so, you need to put on your gloves. For metal pipes, try to pour boiling water to the drain to clear out particles. This is not intended for PVC pipes.

With the use of the plunger, try sucking out the material that has caused clogging. However, if you are not successful, then you should use an auger. Resorting to chemicals should be the last method for unclogging the pipes. The use of chemicals can actually damage the pipes.

Another very common problem related with plumbing is a dripping sink. You know that this is quite annoying. Simply turn off the water supply and remove the parts that cover the tap cartridge and with the use of the wrench, tighten it. Replacing it would be necessary if the cartridge is broken.

The process can be done very easily and what you just need to do is to unscrew the broken pieces and attach the new one to the appropriate slots. Make sure that all the screws are tightened to avoid dripping.

One of the common problems for any household is having a clogged toilet. But there is no need to worry because you can perform a simple fix. All that you need is a plunger. The tools for unclogging sinks should not be used here. The flange plunger is what you need for unclogging toilets since this is designed for such purpose. This is recognizable because of its big opening that fits well on the toilet drain. Use this by pressing it down to the drain and pulling it gently to suction the toilet and unclog it. If you have a successful attempt, the water level will drop.

To check whether the toilet has been unclogged, you need to do an easy test. See if you are successful by pouring water into the drain. As you do this, don't try flushing it. If you failed with the conventional method, use the toilet auger or contact a professional to do it.

It is recommended that you leave the serious problems like radiator leaks, sink leaks and others to a professional.

Hiring a professional to take care of common plumbing problems is not necessary since you can fix them by yourself. What you just need are some simple tools and the guide on how to do the process. If you cannot handle the plumbing issues, then you may hire a professional.

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