What Does It Take To Become a Pharmacist

By Michael Hunter

They are individuals who have specialized in the science of pharmacy. It falls under the health sciences. It entails distribution and prescription of drugs. Their roles have become more modified owing to advancement in modern technology. The use of computers for record keeping is an example. Now on how to become a pharmacist.

It is considered an easily accessible job in the industry. Students interested should posses or desire to acquire interpersonal skills. This is because they will be dealing with patients with different ailments and conditions who may be difficult to handle. They should also desire to assist people in society. Just like any health related profession, the need to assist people in society should be a motivator.

Before one becomes a completely certified professional one has to undergo training. It depends mainly with the country in which one intends to specialize in. In the United States of America, candidates are required to doctor of pharmacy degree. In other countries like Kenya, they take a bachelors degree. This college or university education typically takes four years. They are taught courses such as human physiology and anatomy in addition to biochemistry. They also need to be acquainted with general business skills. There are certain standardize tests that regulatory boards in certain countries administer.

The successful graduates then take internship programs before being able to practice. They work without pay in clinics and hospitals as they learn essential skills. Other countries require them to complete research projects before being fit for the market. The various regulatory boards then certify them to practice after a minimum of a year.

Most of them work in health care settings. These include hospitals, dispensaries, clinics and sanatoriums. Some set up their own drug stores. Others work in military environments such as the armed forces. Due to advancement in technology, it is now possible to dispense drugs over the Internet. They are employed by companies that are involved in this. It requires knowledge in on line laws.

They have various roles depending on their setting. The ones working in hospitals give patients drugs following the prescription of the advice. Others teach courses such as biochemistry in higher learning institutions. There are some that do research work for big companies such as GlaxoSmithKline. Others travel a lot giving advice to companies such as insurance firms. This may be on issues such as health packages to offer their clients and other health related insurance policy subjects.

They are paid well. The employment rates are continually on the increase. This writing highlights points on on how to become a pharmacist.

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