Call For A Tree Service Atlanta And Improve Your Property's Curb Appeal

By Andrea Rivas

When calling a tree service Atlanta, ask if the company provides a free estimate, many do, and many companies offer discounts to seniors. Most companies perform stump removal, and some companies perform basic landscaping. Some companies charge by the hour while other companies charge by the job, or flat rate.

It is important to have a great looking yard, especially if one is considering selling his house. But, if one thinks that taking care of a yard full of evergreens and cottonwoods, one should reconsider. This is a big job that is time consuming, that should be left to the professionals who have the experience and proper equipment.

With proper landscaping, any property can have terrific curb appeal. As the term suggests, curb appeal refers to how a house appears from the curb. When home buyers are searching for a home to buy, they park at the curb and examine the house from the street.

A professionally landscaped property will sell for a higher price than a house with a less than attractive front yard. There are times when a birch, cottonwood, or palm, has to be removed because the plant simply has lost its aesthetic value. Sometimes the roots are interfering with the water pipes so the plant has to be removed and the stump has to be pulled out of the ground.

Stump removal is a big job and should be left to the professionals. The professionals have the proper equipment to dig out the stump and safely remove the roots. Once the stump is removed, a special agent is applied to keep the roots from growing and interfering with the pipe system.

The Tree Service Atlanta company will often provide a free estimates. The properly landscaped property will fetch more on the open market because of its increased curb appeal. When roots from an evergreen break into the water pipes, call the professionals to remedy the problem.

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