Corrugated Metal Roofing Materials - How To Find The Very Best

By Bertram R Wentzler

The corrugated metal roofing materials are today a popular choice. Metal roofs have been around for centuries, in face even in the biblical times we have references about important buildings after copper roofing. It is understandable why these roofs are a preferred choice. Metal roofs are long-lasting and add a sophisticated air to any building. They are immune to most weather conditions and so last for 50 to 100 years. The corrugated roofs give you all these advantages of long-life and durability at costs that work out lower if you consider it over their long life-time.

Corrugated roofs are often made of metal. That provides the highest strength at the least expense. Earlier, asbestos sheets were used in corrugated roofs but with the growing awareness of the health hazards of the material, most such roofs have been dismantled and taken down. Plastic corrugated roofs are still used in situations where diffusion of light is desirable, such as in greenhouses. Corrugated metal roofing materials most commonly used today are galvanized steel, aluminum, copper and zinc.

Of the various materials used in corrugated roofs, steel is the most popular. The choice of metal is dependent upon local climatic conditions and availability. Not all metal roofing is suitable for every region. We will take a closer look at the different corrugated metal roofing materials next and their role in making a decision about which kind to use in your roofing project.

Stainless steel is popular as a choice for roofing material because of its resistance against corrosion. While galvanized steel is definitely stronger than it, stainless steel has the benefit of not requiring a further layer of coating. By not needing zinc or other metals, the cost is less. And stainless steel is striking in appearance, which makes a roof designed with it more impressive and has impact. The downside is that stainless steel metal roofs are not as good under harsh weather conditions, and the longevity will be less under such circumstances.

Galvanized Steel - A most widely used corrugated metal roofing material, the galvanized steel is popular because it is a low-cost solution all types of weather conditions. Whether it is corrosive or wet, galvanized steel can be used. Steel when coated with zinc makes it strong and immune to adverse weather. Also, this material does not change color like galvalume. It retains it's color and appearance for its life-time.

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