The Life And Art Of Rebecca Puig

By Andrea Rivas

An artist herself, Rebecca Puig, founded a company that is called Sugar Boo designs. This company offers the service that is close to the founder's heart which is home decoration. They sell handmade items that may be used by the homeowners in decorating their homes. These handmade decorations make one's house more appealing.

Among the many products that she started out are slated signs, pillows, glass frames, antique designs, driftwood, art prints, love letters and other accessories. They are most popular for the materials they use which are not only durable but also eco-friendly.

Rebecca's art is heavily influenced by the everyday occurrence around her. Her inspirations are mostly about nature like the animals and plants. However, she considers children to be the greatest inspiration. According to her the children are the most artistic people.

Rebecca teamed up with husband Rick when they were starting Sugar Boo Designs. The company continues to grow and is now operating to sell the different designs and unique art pieces that she made herself. The company aims to deliver artistic touch to the homes of their clients.

Every product is carefully handcrafted by their artists. With this, the product carries out its own unique aspect. Puig also uses only the natural materials and urges her artists to do the same. They collect driftwood and fashion them into signs or frames. This results to a more authentic and rustic feel.

Concrete orbs are also available. These bear some meaningful phrases that have been carved. There are a few antique signs that are available as well. Some of them also have some sayings to make it more meaningful. Unique frames may also be bought in different colors and materials.

Conclusively, rebecca puig was indeed a talented artist. The photobox which she originally created was phenomenal. This uses a small photo that are taken in tones of sepia or grayscale then placed in a frame that is both oversized. The frames are decorated with different colors depending on the customer's request.

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