The Many Reasons Why Every Collection Should Feature Burning Spear CDs

By Melody Lyons

Reggae, which has its origins in Jamaica, has become one of the most popular and influential genres of music in the world. Anyone who loves popular music should own several reggae records. Every true reggae fan will own some Burning Spear CDs.

Winston Rodney is the man behind Burning Spear, a name which originally referred to his band but which now more commonly refers to him. Twenty-five albums have been released under the name, a career which stretches back over forty years. The importance of this body of work is crucial to the development of reggae as a whole.

For a deeper understanding of how innovative dub reggae in particular has been over those four decades, owning at least three of those 25 albums is necessary. Much of the music has a distinctly Rastafarian consciousness behind it. There are also frequent references to Black Nationalist figure Marcus Garvey, a very famous Jamaican who is well-known across the world.

Owning these CDs will also provide a way into an appreciation of several other reggae artists and their work. Much important music in the genre was recorded at Studio One, a very important venue in the development of the careers of many artists. It also played a massive part in the development of reggae in general, with some great engineers and producers playing a key role in shaping the sounds of a nation, and subsequently the world.

Some of the recordings were also released on Island Records, a company strongly associated with the legendary Bob Marley. Island's release of Marley to a wider, global audience, beyond the confines of Jamaica, helped to raise the profile of reggae in general. This allowed the massive innovation of reggae artists to receive the kind of attention it deserved, influencing other genres of music.

Great musicians such as Robbie Shakespeare and Sly Dunbar have also contributed to the music on some of the best burning spear cds. Anyone with any interest at all in reggae music should own some of these recordings. They shine a light onto one of the most fertile musical scenes of the last 50 years.

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