Understanding Some Algae Cultivation Methods

By Melody Lyons

Plants depend on photosynthesis as a source of energizing their food production. Algae cultivation will depend on a similar method. The energy from the sun is converted to chemical energy from the leaves. With the light captured energy is crucial to making sure the production of simple sugars is possible.

For proper growth and development, alga will require the presence of water, sunlight and carbon dioxide. Hence, you could cultivate the plants in either a pond or lake. You could also make use of a photo bioreactor to produce light and enable alga grow healthily in systems that are closed and away from direct sunlight.

A few major aspects accelerate alga growth. One of them is that the presence of light is mandatory for growth to start. Temperature is also a very delicate issue that needs to be considered. The alga will also need water that is full of certain nutrients. You will also need to ensure that the water you use has the required salinity.

You need to ensure that you follow the pH levels. This should be ranging from around 7-9. You will find out that there is accelerated growth through this. Make sure that the development rate is examined, as this will vary with type. There should be good aeration with a good carbon dioxide circulation.

It is a good idea to mix to ensure that there is no sedimentation of the algae. All cells need to be exposed to light. Their cultivating process can be done in any environment. You will choose from open ponds, closed ponds, wastewater cultivation as well as those that are desert based and many more.

algae cultivation does not demand any freshwater areas. This ensures that it is beneficial for the environment. Make sure to use a photobioreactor to ensure that you benefit by harvesting more because you can control the environment inside it.

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