How Could I Stop Tonsilloliths: Simple Pointers Regarding How To Spare Yourself From Constant Tonsil Stones

By Lou Fresco

Tonsil stones aren't always hazardous, nevertheless they can be extremely unpleasant. Apart from that, it's also one of the key factors behind halitosis or bad breath, a somewhat discomforting condition. Nevertheless before you make a bee line to your medical doctor to have your tonsils taken out, you must learn that your tonsils are essential and also taking great care of your tonsils (and you lymphatic system as well) might be able to help you stop constant tonsil stones. Bear in mind that the tonsils work like natural filters against germs and bacteria that may enter our system through the oral cavity. When they become stressed, infected as well as overworked, they might not be able to function effectively in cleaning the lymph fluids and thus, make the development of tonsil stones.

Removing your tonsil stones is easy. But to get rid of tonsil stones and stop them from coming back could entail a few compromises on your part, especially if it has something to do with what you eat. As you know, bacteria thrive on sugar and refined food as it makes your mouth more acidic, thus allowing bacteria to flourish. So you might want to replace some of the food you eat with something healthier and more "organic". For instance, you can opt for whole wheat bread instead of white bread for breakfast, or you can simply skip the ice cream for some yogurt as these contain prebiotics which are responsible for fighting bad bacteria in our digestive system.

Keeping your oral cavity clean, too, does miracles not only to your gums and teeth but additionally on your lymphatic system. Brushing your teeth 2-3 times each day keeps the level of harmful bacteria in your oral cavity in check and eliminates food debris put aside in the crevices of your oral cavity and in between teeth. However you need to keep in mind to brush not only your gums and teeth but additionally your tongue as well as inner cheeks as the majority of the bacteria live in these areas. You can purchase a tongue scraper or you can go for a multi-purpose toothbrush with a built-in tongue and cheek scraper to clean these areas. Whenever scraping your tongue, go as far back as possible (warning: this could cause gag reflex) to get rid of bacteria in areas that the toothbrush can't reach.

Lastly, avoid anything which could compromise your immune system as this is responsible for fighting infection and disease. Remember that if your tonsils are infected, it may not be able to work well and could make you more susceptible to the growth of tonsilloliths.

Stop stress by taking multivitamins daily and getting sufficient sleep during the night to give your body some time to recharge following a very long day at work. You may also skip a few harmful habits like smoking as well as drinking excessive alcohol because this weakens the immune system and therefore, enabling your lymph fluids to carry junk a lot more than your tonsils along with other lymph nodes could handle.

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