Advantages And Disadvantages Of Direct Cremation Services In NJ

By Eugenia Gilmore

There are many different ways in which people bury their dead. However the three main causes that people choose direct cremation services in NJ include; less costs incurred, it saves on land and it is easy to transport the remains as opposed to transporting the body. People believe that a buried body decomposes and ends up as ashes therefore it is not bad to do so.

This practice brings less grieving for family and friends together. It also eliminates the many expenses that come with a full traditional funeral. For instance, the cost of casket and cemetery fee. These costs are all evaded this is because once the body is from the morgue it goes straight to the retort

It is also believed that this method is environmentally friendly. The reason is that no land is encroached as there is no need for burial purposes. Another advantage is that there is ease to travel with the remains as the ashes are portable therefore one can move with it from one place to another. Moreover it provides various disposition alternatives.

Everything that has advantages is believed to have disadvantages. Take for example the unnecessary and pricey add-ons that the funeral homes charge the bereaved families and friends. This is mainly because the method does not offer high profits for such homes therefore adding their own expenses.

Moreover if the bereaved family decides to bury the cremains in a burial site, they will still need to pay for a grave space. Moreover the installation of a headstone is also another added expense. However you cannot compare the expenses between the full traditional funeral and this method.

Direct cremation services in NJ has proven to be very effective. It not only promotes environmental sustainability but it is also cheap thus affordable. Nevertheless caution should be taken when making funeral arrangements as any blunder can cause you a huge chunk of loss. All in all this practice should be encouraged and embraced. direct cremation services in nj

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