Tips for Single Parents to Make Your Life Easier

By Ricky Bahal

Life is undeniably different when you become a single parent, but this doesn't mean it has to be a change for the worse. Through determination and flexibility you will be able to discover the plusses of single parenting even as hurdles are encountered. To help you do this, we'll be sharing some tips on how both you and your child can best overcome the difficulties of this situation.

Many single parents are concerned about the lack of a role model of the opposite gender in the child's life. Usually it is women raising their children alone, but there are some men who are single parents. Whether a child is raised by one or two parents, there is still the need for positive influences from more people of both genders. One way to find plenty of role models is when you are able to get your family involved with helping raise your child. Guidance that can be provided by an aunt or uncle who chooses to be part of the child's life, won't replace a father or mother, but might be the next best thing. If there's no one in your family or circle of acquaintances who can fill such a role, a teacher or counselor may be able to do so. You may want to consider a change in careers when you become a single parent. Sometimes, what you need is an actual career. Some occupations are better than others for single parents. An average 9 to 5 job may not be easy to deal with if by 3 your children have returned from school. Nursing and other careers in medicine often offer flexible hours and should be pondered. Online marketing, writing, graphics, and web design provide the opportunity to work at home. A regular stream of income and flexibility are two key aspects of a job for a single parent.

No one wants to think about emergencies, but when you have children it's something you have to consider. This is especially true when you're a single parent. Your children will most likely have an accident of some kind, and need emergency services, so to be ready have your list of contacts written down. There are always things that come up where you need help, even if it is just car trouble, and when you are a single parent, you will need someone other than your spouse. A single parent will always have unexpected things happen and need quick babysitting, and when no one is available you will need a babysitting service, so know where they are at.

Being so concerned about their responsibilities to the child, many single parents completely ignore their own needs. Everyone needs some time alone, and time to relax and enjoy themselves. Sometimes being by yourself is not possible, because you are unwilling to make time without your child, or children. It is really important to have some time where you can regroup without having to do anything, no matter what you have to do to find a babysitter. Going to a spa to relax is a good way to unwind, as is meeting a friend for a good talk, or maybe even going to a movie in the afternoon.

In conclusion, being a single parents today is not such an unusual situation, but that doesn't make it any easier. While there will often be challenges, don't let them overwhelm you and try to stay positive. The things we have talked about should help you handle your single parent life. Ask for assistance if you require it.

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