5 Woodworking Ideas to Let The Kids' Play Outdoors

By Pweng Bee

It's no doubt that woodworking ideas can make kids? life simple again. In today's digital lifestyle, it's quite hard to imagine how kids are having fun. As an adult, you can say that you had perfect childhood, full of fun and playful times, even without electronic machines and gadgets. Most of the time is spent outdoors - chasing butterflies, flying paper planes and burning objects under the microscope.

Why don't you unplug those electronics and bring out your inner childhood. Working with some woodworking ideas will be an experience you'll never forget, sorting out your garden and create a play area for your kids at the same time.

This article will go through some brilliant woodworking ideas, that can be found in a magazine published by Sunset Books so that you can find the inspiration to get things started.

1. Average-sized fire pit - This will not be suitable for every garden or backyard but could be an excellent spot to camp out, roast marshmallows and tell ghost stories. With a few chunks of wood and sticks, it is a very simple project where you could have family time without going into the woods.

2. Kiddie playhouse - Another simple project, a playhouse that is just sized enough for children or you could adjust it and think about other woodworking ideas which you could work on next time once they have grown, just like a potting shed for instance.

3. Boat sandbox - It is not the conventional sandbox you can see around. The deep base is nestled beneath the boat designed box, the sides could be utilised as seats and the sail can provide shade. Little ones could play rain or shine. Still very easy, but can sail any child across the 7 seas.

4. Window boxes - This beautiful accessory to playhouses, can encourage kidsto do some gardening and watch the butterflies drop by.

5. Periscope - This project will surely capture kids' hearts. Just like a spy, they can peek above walls with this cool wooden tube. Two mirrors are attached inside in a constructive way, only the viewer can see what's out there. No one can tell if they're being watched.

You can find more fantastic woodworking ideas on the web which you could work with. You could check out Sunset's official website, purchase a few of their books and visit relevant sites. Web directories can also be excellent sources of do-it-yourself projects, from the easiest to the most difficult ones.

Perhaps, you are coming up brand new woodworking ideas all on your own. Do some researching together with your kids to help you in making decisions. I am sure they will be very eager to help get things done. Young ones can help out in designing the playhouse, hold the measuring tape and hand some nails over while older ones can do some hammering and sawing. Good luck and take notes. With a great selection of woodworking ideas, there is many ways that you can find something suitable no matter how limited your budget is.

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