Stay Fit and Slim with Regular Workout

By Kristin Turner

To feel good and be healthy, you should work out five days a week for a at least thirty minutes. The average time of workout per week necessary to stay healthy, flexible and vibrant is about 5 hours per week.

The human body has been created to move, but many sit most of the day and wonder, why their body went out of shape and why they often feel tired.

I often stress on the significance of the frequency in which you vibrate to create efficiently what you desire. Workout is one of the means, with which you can raise your frequency of vibration. If you don't exercise, you will not be a good manifesting.

Sufficient workout is imperative for your health and it is substantial for a higher frequency of vibration, which is imperative to manifest a better life. One of these 2 facts can't workout with the other. If you generally care about your mental fitness, you will not achieve all you desire and you should understand that.

The outcome of working out a couple of times a week is being more energetic and more productive. You will be more flexible mentally and physically, which will enable you to live a better life. You will appear more youthful as you will be more vibrant. You will manifest much quicker as you raise your frequency of vibration with a fitness routine.

Pay attention to people and compare people who are slim and vibrant to those who are overweight and inflexible. Older people are not able to pick up something from the floor. Most of them get all kinds of sicknesses, which could be largely avoided, would they have worked out regularly throughout their live.

You are a mental, emotional, physical and spiritual being. If you read and study a lot, you grow mentally. But if you neglect your physical being, your mental being will be influenced.

How to plan time for your workout routine?

When you stand up in the morning, stretch your body for about three minutes and then make some floor exercises while you watch the news. It would be great, if you go running. Running in the morning will change your whole day to the better. You will have to get up earlier, but you will get this time back as you will work more productively.

If you go jogging in the evening, you will come back revitalized. Go jogging two to three times a week for thirty to forty minutes and on consecutive days, workout with weights. As a man you will enjoy to have more muscles and as a woman your body will get beautifully shaped. You don't have to be afraid to become too muscular, as you don't workout enough.

Get yourself dumbbells. You can wonderfully exercise with dumbbells and you don't lose the time going to the gym. You find lots of videos showing exercises with dumbbells on the internet or buy a book or a CD.

Do not stay with a certain routine when exercising with weights. You have to change it, that it stays effective. Change the weight of your dumbbells and change the tempo of lifting them. You don't have to do all your strength training at once. You can do 15 minutes twice.

Stay healthy, flexible and vibrant all your life doing regular workout. And think of what else a regular workout routine does to your life: You will raise your frequency of vibration and manifest whatever you desire faster.

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