Make your Company Events Memorable - Use Lanyards As Give Aways

By Elise Marshall

Businesses spend a significant proportion of their funds for promotional campaigns. At various events, they use their merchandise to develop a feeling of belongingness for all the participants. There are different kinds of merchandising materials but they all have the same aim of drawing potential customers towards them and forming a good impression of the company. One such marketing tool is lanyards.

One of the most popular and efficient forms of promotion at business events has been T-shirts printed with the name of the company. But lanyards are not far behind and they are catching up fast. They attract a lot of attention from people, which gives exposure to the business' logo and slogan, and that is why their use is increasing.

Lanyards can be a versatile tool at corporate events such as seminars, conferences and business fairs. They can be given to the participants attending a specific event. Along with the business logo, you can also have the name of the event printed on it such that it can even act as a piece of souvenir for the attendees.

Lanyards, on account of being cheaper than printed t-shirts, can be a much more economical marketing tool. They create a significant brand recall and form a positive impression of the company on prospective customers.

Lanyards are not just inexpensive and efficient in promoting a company's brand; in fact, there are several other reasons why you should be using them. You can use bright colours on them without irking people's eyes, which allows them a high exposure and attracts attention. They can be used for attachments like ID card holders, which means that their usability value is high. In addition, people always find some personal use for a lanyard, and since it remains close to them, it is able to constantly remind them about your brand.

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