Which Spreader is Best?

By Curtis Turow

Manure spreaders come in a variety of sizes and models. As always, getting the right piece of agricultural hardware can help to make the task of fertilizing your fields quicker and less complicated, with less wear on the spreaders and simpler clean-up when you are done. Two types of Roswell manure spreaders are the side discharge and the box spreaders.

Side spreaders have the widest spread pattern so that they can cover more ground than a rear-discharge machine. They are also great at breaking up cumbersome fertilizer. They're ideal for wet manure, thanks to the precision build that lets the operator control how much material is sprayed out and how far it will go.

This is a great choice when the manure is too messy to be considered dry manure, and too dry to simply spray out of machines designed especially for thinner, wetter applications. Many builders offer these in a selection of sizes, so it's easy to get one large enough for your farm without having to spend more on a piece of equipment that's far larger than you want.

Box spreaders with vertical beaters are very good for swiftly spreading the load, while those with horizontal beaters might be the best for a heavy load of manure intended to go a great distance without multiple passes that can compact soil. These are very good for basic fertilizer spreading.

Those with spinner beaters are great for dry, lighter manures like poultry litter or compost. The spinner spray helps spread the drier fertilizers further, and appear to work well on fields that are only mildly to moderately ploughed. The spreading action keeps the fertilizer from clumping up and blocking planting or making packs of fertilizer across the field.

Messy, wet manures like slurry along with gutter manure, are excellent for a side-discharge spreader. While the fast loading with a slip and the way in which the box spreaders are set up can also help the nutrient content of dry manure from dissipating.

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