What Income Are You Likely To Get From An Annuity?

By Martin Wright

Annuity earnings are reliant on several variables to do with your present circumstances and the pension fund that you have accumulated. First off your age is a key thing in deciding and determining how much annuity income you will receive in retirement. This is due to the fact that an individual that takes out an annuity at a much younger age has a far greater life expectancy when compared to a person of an older age. The annuity provider reflects this in the amount of earnings that they pay.

Frequently people defer taking their annuity for long periods of time on the expectation that they'll receive greater annuity earnings later in retirement. This reasoning concerning annuities is completely sound of course; however , one area that is frequently ignored is if you take an annuity out earlier in your retirement you will get a greater number of annuity income payments, which means that the price that you receive over the long term might be equivalent and comparable.

The amount of annuity income with reference to age is figured out by an actuary that's having a look at an area called mortality risk and, given that life expectancy is much increased nowadays than it was, compared against say 10, 20 or 30 years previously, annuity rates are solidly falling over a period of time. So it might be considered that in taking an annuity earlier, you secure the rate as it is today and avoid the danger of a decreasing annuity rate later.

Second, an annuity as a life insurance product is effectively underwritten as the health level of the annuitant can be considered to figure out the level of annuity earnings that is paid. Individuals with poor health can regularly expect to get a larger level of annuity income as health conditions may impact the actuary's view on the annuitant's life expectancy.

If you needed to start receiving the benefits of your pension earlier on than planned, rather than taking out an annuity you might opt to take an early pension release. When you have reached age 55 you're able to take up to 25% of your complete pension amount, fully tax free (although this will affect your earnings in retirement).

When talking about planning your retirement, there are many options available to you and it can pay to be as knowledgeable as possible before any final decisions are reached.

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