Turkey's domestic violence problem

By Hugo Costa

Turkey is a beautiful country with a lovely warm climate and some of the most amazing scenery. The country attracts millions of tourists every year for their holidays, shopping and business trips and is well established with a solid reputation among western countries. Turkey has always maintained a good relationship with the west despite surrounding countries having differing views on Turkey's relationships.

Turkey like quite a lot of other countries has a large problem with domestic violence which is extremely difficult to tackle because most cases take place behind closed doors. The west also has quite a high number of cases of domestic violence however in Turkey they are usually far more serious and they happen much more often too. Turkey isn't the only predominantly Muslim country with a serious problem but because it is visited by so many western tourists, cases that are revealed are given considerably more attention.

Turkey's problems were thrust into the spotlight recently though when a 19 year old girl was murdered by her own brother. The girl who had given birth to a child decided that she would marry the child's father even though her parents hadn't given their approval. The couple split forcing her to move back home where her family waited as she was killed in a different room.

This case has really brought the issue of domestic violence in Turkey into the spotlight but this wasn't an isolated incident and many others like it have happened. Reported domestic violence cases in Turkey have increased by over 1000% recently and more and more cases have started to be reported on by media revealing how bad Turkey's problem actually is.

There have been numerous other cases which have been reported by the media and many of them have been just as shocking as that mentioned previously. Other cases have involved fathers and brothers pressuring and forcing female family members to commit suicide so that they aren't sent to prison for murder while many ex-husbands have shot their ex-wives in revenge attacks.

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