Three Easy Steps To Designing Your Monument

By Duane Kuss

If you are like most people, the task of deciding, planning and ultimately buying a monument or memorial for a family member is something that you do a couple of times in a lifetime. Here's 3 straightforward steps to follow that will help you navigate the monument designing process.

Monument Size

The dimensions of your monument is the starting point of its design. ?The size will dictate the length of the message, the scale of the graphics and the general layout of the memorial. Many times size is controlled by the graveyard or location where the gravestone will be placed. These rules dictate the size, shape and height of your monument. Be sure to do your studies beforehand so that the memorial you design will be in a position to be placed where you would like it.

Monument Color

Granite is available in a rainbow of colors. You'll find different colors available from all around the world, from blues to reds, whites to blacks, and many more. If your monument has detailed text, complicated graphics and drawings or perhaps pictures you want to choose a colour which will compliment your design. The choice of jet black will help provide the contrast you'd need for complicated graphics and even photographs.Color is otherwise a case of comfort, personal taste and intrigue. A monument placed fully above ground will have less colour constraints than a memorial that lies flat with the ground exposed to traffic and weather wear.

Monument Layout

The layout of your monument will include the text style, message, and graphics of the memorial. An easy rule to remember is for the monument to have 1/3 text, 1/3 graphics and 1/3 white space or areas that show the natural beauty of the granite stone. Your monument will be an illustration of your loved one's life story. Your choice of message, text style, graphics and photos will combine to represent their legacy in stone. It is commonly helpful to have the help and direction of a memorial counselor to help deal with some of the choices that need to be made. Be sure to have an authorised proof of your last monument's design before you consent to manufacture and purchase any kind of memorial or gravestone.

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