The Plantronics CS55 Headset is Impressive

By Loma Mcthige

The Plantronics cs55 hl10 head set is the heir obvious to the CS60 design device. The actual CS55 works at a 1.9GHz voice frequency and is only the 2nd cycle of completely wireless headphones made by Plantronics. The CS55's base train station is smaller than the CS60 and can be utilized as a getting station when not operating the headset.

The Plantronics CS55 headset offers four microphone features (A-D) as well as four loudspeaker controls(1-4) that enables increased range and the ability to perfectly melody the device for your exact telephone and individual volume requirements. The CS55 foundation station also offers an up and down knob with regard to changing the actual microphone sound. Making use of the mic (A-D) options enables the person you're chatting with to listen to you simpler and using the actual up and down switch permits you to affect the level of seem.

The Plantronics CS55 head set range is up to 300 feet away from the base unit and also the chat time is approximately 10 hrs per electric battery charge. The battery expectancy is roughly One to two years. To ensure of a pleasant fit, Plantronics has included a number of headband adjustments for your comfort. The headband is the classic model that accompany a tiny leather-based ear mat for a pleasant fit. Additionally, it also seals the hearing to prohibit all background sound through getting in.

The CS55 contains four distinct hearing pieces to determine from. This enables you to readily make use of the ear item without utilizing the headband.

For phone lucidity, the Plantronics CS55 head set has a button on the side of the bottom unit numbering (1-4). The first setting operates best upon nearly all mobile phones, and if it doesn't function well in the default setting, try transferring the call from (2-4) to determine what setting is most effective with your telephone. The CS55's 1.9GHz frequency was made to eliminate interference and interferance hissing, even if you are close to the base device.

The Plantronics CS55 is a fantastic workplace or call center wireless head set. You do not have much to alter, and also the unit performs on a voice only rate of recurrence. It is quite apparent that Plantronics creates awesome wireless headset technology.

The Plantronics CS55 is a fantastic workplace or answering services company wireless headset. You don't have much to alter, and the unit functions on a voice just frequency. To view more headset articles visit The Headsets Review.

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