Industrial Disease And Its Physical Causes

By Jess O'Neal

A chronic ailment that occurs as a result of an activity at work is called an occupational or industrial disease. The nature of the ailment varies from one occupation to another. A serious injury that happens as a result of a fall at work does not qualify under this definition.

According to the Department for Work and Pensions in the United Kingdom, there are four basic categories of occupational ailment. These are physical, biological, chemical or miscellaneous. This is for the purpose of claiming disablement benefit.

Among the physical causes of disability is exposure to radiation. This includes heat, ionizing particles or electromagnetic radiation. People working in the metalworking or glass making industries may be exposed to radiant heat. This may lead to cataracts in the eyes. Workers who are exposed to x-rays, like individuals who work in a hospital imaging department, as well as nuclear power plant workers, may develop cancers of the testes, thyroid, one or breast as a result of being exposed to the other two types of radiation.

Writer's cramp may result from prolonged writing, typing or other repetitive movements, like using a computer mouse, is another category of physically caused occupational injury. This is common in typists or clerical workers. The scientific name is focal dystonia.

'Housemaid's Knee' is a type of swelling of the kneecap, or patella. It is caused by friction or prolonged pressure around the knee. This afflicts people who kneel a lot at work, like carpet layers.

Repeated exposure to high noise levels for a period of a year or more may lead to permanent loss of hearing. The most obvious example of an occupation where this might result in industrial disease are construction workers to operate or work near those operate jackhammers, machines that are used to break up roads. Other workers at risk are those who work around rock concerts and people who work at motor racing tracks.

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