Identifying Nursing Informatics Jobs

By Mary Hunt

Once you have gotten your nursing informatics certification, the next move is finding a job. Nursing informatics jobs are expanding rapidly in number throughout the country, but since this is a somewhat new field, the number of available jobs continues to be fairly low. Locating a job in the nursing informatics sector might seem challenging, but with a little bit of luck you can find the job of your dreams and make a positive difference in your patient's lives.

The first thing you'll need to complete is make certain the institution you obtained your certification from or are preparing to obtain your certification from is accredited. A degree or certification from a non-accredited institution is generally not as well received by employers as degrees or certifications from accredited schools. You'll open up more opportunities to yourself by simply choosing the right institution for your education.

In case your school has a career center, they may be extremely helpful in your job hunt. Career centers generally have listings of job fairs or area employers which are hiring new graduates. If your institution does not have a career center, you may still find job fairs and employers searching for new graduates, it will just take more work on your part.

Search online at popular job posting web sites like to locate employers which are hiring. You can usually learn about job fairs through the newspaper, or postings in community areas. Make it a point to attend as many job fairs as possible during your job hunt, as this significantly increases your exposure to a variety of employers you may not otherwise know about. Furthermore, businesses which are participating in job fairs are often looking to make a quick hire.

If you are currently a nurse who went back to school to obtain a nursing informatics certification, you may already have a job arranged with your employer. In this instance, you will not need to go to a job fair, but you ought to nonetheless discuss the terms of your brand new function together with your employer before beginning the new job duties.

Because nursing informatics continues to be a relatively new discipline, some smaller medical centers may not have the budget to put into action the required equipment and tools for a nursing informatics specialist. For this reason, it's best to concentrate your efforts on bigger establishments unless of course you already know through some channel of knowledge that the smaller hospital you are applying to has a nursing informatics division.

Since the area of nursing informatics is expanding so rapidly, graduates of a nursing informatics certification program can expect a relatively good job outlook. You might have to go to the bigger cities and medical centers to find work now, but in the future you will have your choice of workplaces, as you will have the expertise smaller medical centers will require to build their nursing informatics sectors. Obtaining the education you'll need now will assist you to obtain the job you want later.

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