Home Remodeling-Techniques for Painting Your Concrete Floors

By Clifford Gill

Most homes that have a garage or basement do have concrete floors. The beauty of concrete is that you can easily paint it as compared to other more expensive treatments. Painting your concrete flooring will not only make it prettier but also more durable and easier to clean. If painting is carried out correctly, your concrete floor can last for many years.

Where to Start:

This is not a very expensive home remodeling project but it is one that is more than an overnight project. First, you have to make sure that your floor is absolutely dry prior to starting your painting project. If you notice wet spots, especially from the basement, it is better to consult a professional first to fix that seepage problem.

Once you are completely certain that your floor is already dry, next step is to scrub it in order to free it from chemical residues and greases. This is important especially if the floor is in your garage or shop area. This is significant because the paint would not be able to adhere completely in the presence of any foreign material.

Actually, scrubbing the floor is a big step and if there is any type of grease on the floor, some kitty litter will absorb most of it. Scrub the floor using Goof Off and then rinse. Afterwards, scrub the floor with the use of some TSP mixture; rinse and repeat several times until the mop looks clean after rinsing. After scrubbing the floor needs to dry for at least three days to be sure it is thoroughly dried and ready to paint.

Before painting, more prepping is needed:

Using a sander or an 80-grit paper, remove any stuck materials on the surface of the floor and smoothen out the bumpy portions. Remove any sanding residue that the vacuum misses with the use of a tack clothe.

Now it is time to fix any cracks that might be present. Use Cement Fixall to plug these cracks or little holes and be sure to let it dry thoroughly.

Now it is time to paint!

First, apply two coatings of stain blocker and a primer such as Kilz. Remember that the surface must be completely dry in between the two applications. Now you may apply a top quality latex paint of your choosing. A paint compressor or a roller will work fine for the painting.

Decorating your painted floor:

As a matter of personal preference you may want to make some geometric shapes or use faux stone or whatever you would like. You may run wild with your creativity at this point, just make sure to let the floor dry completely before finishing.

Best finish for your painted concrete flooring:

To finish your newly-painted floor, apply two coatings of Breakthrough sealer with the use of a quarter-inch nap roller. Take precautions by wearing a respirator mask as fumes are expected when doing this. Then, of course, let it dry thoroughly.

Now your floor is complete. You may decorate it with some throw rugs or an area rug for some flourish as it is still concrete afterall. The difference is that it is now a beautiful concrete!

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