Differences in the Responsibilities of Pharmacy Technician and Pharmacist

By Antonio Dunne

Pharmacy technician is someone who helps the licensed pharmacist and ensures smooth running of the pharmacy. They help the on-duty certified pharmacists by counting tablets, bottling prescriptions and serving customers. Their responsibilities consist of anything and everything that keeps the operation arranged and functional. Even so, pharmacy technician aren't permitted to give guidance or give advice about medicines or medical conditions and require not to answer question about medicines. This is actually the major difference in between pharmacy technician and pharmacist. If you are looking for certified pharmacy technician jobs, then click here.

Even though pharmacy technician and pharmacist are involved in daily tasks of running a pharmacy, pharmacy technician are not qualified to offer medical advice or guidance about prescriptions. Therefore, pharmacy technician acts as an assistant to pharmacist and their main duty is to assist the pharmacist.

There are lots of advantages connected to the field of pharmacy technician career. Pharmacy technicians need only a moderate amount of education and formal training. Usually employers favor pharmacy technician who have formal training. But if you're lucky it is possible to find employee who would train you on the job. The formal training and education level is always a plus point when searching for a position of pharmacy technician. Pharmacy technician gets paid well and has chances of increases in the earnings over time. The profession of pharmacy technician has significant growth potential. More skilled pharmacy techs get more control over the hours they work and acquire more duties. A pharmacy tech's job is restricted to working being an assistant for the pharmacist, nevertheless progressing to be a pharmacist; you'll have more entrepreneurial opportunities.

Pharmacy technicians don't have same level of qualification, training and duties as the pharmacists. Even though pharmacists and pharmacy technicians duties are different, pharmacy technicians do perform an essential role in distributing medicines in an organized and managed manner. The pharmacists can concentrate on essential matters like their clients who receive medicines in appropriate doses and mixtures, thanks to pharmacy technicians. Pharmacy techs who permit pharmacists do their job in more effective and thorough way.

In both of these work settings, pharmacy technicians work in an environment that needs to be kept clean and organized. The work environments are both well lighted and well ventilated. Majority of the pharmacy technician's time is spent on their feet and in some settings the techs will be responsible for lifting and moving heavy objects. Some pharmacy technicians will work full-time and others are required to do shift-work that may involve nights, weekends, and holidays.

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