Comparison Between IPad 2 Vs IPad 3

By Simone Gordon

It was a great milestone when the apple tablet was brought into the scene. It was presented to the world by the apple company. It amazed many people in its wake at its ingenuity. Since then two more models have come around. Many differ over the subject which is better between iPad 2 vs iPad 3. To examine this therefore there is need for an assessment of the two.

The newer model has fresh features. Key among them is that it has a very fast processor compared to its predecessor. This new hardware allows any action being performed to be completed at very fast speeds. It is energy efficient and very reliable. This has allowed for more work to be done. With growing functions of tablets there is demand for a faster processor. The third model is best suited for this work.

One key aspect being looked at by consumers nowadays is the display of any communication gadget. The third generation tablet comes with higher resolution as compared to the incumbent. It has more graphic processors therefore able to convert finner pixels. It also has new display technology that works wonders in creating picture perfect clarity.

The latest tablet comes with a new network for Internet users. It uses the fourth generation technology. This results into faster data transmission rates across the information super highway. The fourth generation also comes with added security features that make it secure to relay information. Topping up all this is that it guarantees faster streaming of audio and visual contents.

The latest tablet does not have all the edge over the other model. The second gadget also has its fair share of brilliance. For one it is much more smaller width wise thus a bit thinner. It is also not as heavy as the updated model. Lastly its a bit cheaper than the improved model.

With new hardware comes new software. Among the new software changes thin the new tablet is an application that allows users to simply speak and it converts this into text. In addition there is the introduction of camera software. This allows for very clear images to be captured.

Final result for this showdown between iPad 2 vs iPad 3 is that the former is much more superior. Not only is tuned to the latest software but it has modern physical features as well. The third generation gadget therefore has an edge over the previous second generation as its an improvement of the old model. With improvement comes along correction of disadvantages of a prior version.

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