Bubble shooter games, non-violent shooting games for young children

By Becky Anderson

There are lots of games which you stumble upon and think, how did I am getting here? So did I. I was searching for some games for my children to play. I do not need them to start playing violent games with blood, death and destruction. But from another viewpoint they have to start learning different sort of games and become used to shooting games as well. I feel that I need to be protecting but also need to expose them to funny shooting games with no death and destruction. It is also crucial for youngsters to play shooting games so they can contend with these sorts of games with other children also.

I believe I have found such games now. These are called bubble shooter games. I used to play a game by the name of Tetris. That was about twenty years ago. Some of the bubble shooter games have the same features as Tetris. So playing bubble shooter games brought some nice memories back. Here under I will explain the primary features these games so that you will know if these games are the right choice for you.

In one of the games you have to shoot 1 coloured ball to a cloud of other coloured balls. You've got to make sure you shoot the colored balls in the direction of the same color as the balls you are shooting. When you do it properly the cloud gets smaller, when you do it badly the cloud gets larger till you don't have any space to shoot because the cloud fills the whole screen.

Another main feature is that it's really easy to understand what you've got to do. These are not difficult games. My children managed to understand very quickly what to do. They saw me playing and started to do the same.

I think that if you have small children and you're looking for some shooting games, which your young children can play then you need to give bubble shooter games a try. These are non-violent shooting games without making any aggression in young children.

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