BlackBerry Torch 9850. To Be the Next Generation Smart phone?

By John Spiers

I have recently got a BlackBerry Torch 9850 with a Verizon fixed contract and my primary thoughts are that it is pretty. It has that Nokia-appearance, except that it has got more metallic components. The design is made in a Western EU style and the cool patterns make this smartphone a diamond to take a look at.

One thing that sets Torch 9850 apart from regular BlackBerry handsets, which you may now find on suppliers of bankrupt stockwebsites, is that it doesn't have a hardware keyboard, which can often be considered a drawback for die hard fans of the brand, but I like the way RIM took control of things and got their latest telephones to the equivalent level of modernistic design as most new handsets.

Matched against BlackBerry Storm and Storm 2, Torch 9850 is a lot more classy and feels nice on touch.

The network signal was one of the things that amazed me in this smartphone. Although some of my friends who use Verizon as carrier moan about poor or no coverage, with the BlackBerry Torch I could get a signal in almost impossible locations.

Torch comes with a 5-megapixel camera and can take really sharpened stills using the autofocus feature. Video can be captured with up to 720p quality.

The virtual keyboard is something new to the BlackBerry audience and takes some getting used to, but I was able to type texts just as fast as I was typing them on my Typhoon 2. The 3.7-inch screen helped in a number of cases, but it isn't the biggest and the most comfortable screen on the smartphone market now for sure. What I find a drawback is the lack of Adobe Flash, but YouTube videos play just fine with the inline video option. That is what I use Adobe Flash for usually anyway.

Net result, fans of the old BlackBerries may need some time to adapt to the virtual keyboard of BlackBerry Torch 9850, but the advantages the new smartphone by Rim compensates with better practicality, improved software and hardware.

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