The Best Sacramento Kings of All Time

By Jack Jones

The Sacramento Kings were founded in 1945 and entered the NBA 3 years later in 1948. In 1945 the team was originally introduced as the Rochester Royals The name was then changed to the Cincinnati Royals in 1957, Kansas City-Omaha Kings in 1972, Kansas Town Kings in 1975 and to its current name, the Sacramento Kings in 1985. The franchise has won a NBL title in 1946 and NBA title in 1951. Have a look at our 2012 NBA finals odds to see which team is favored to win it all this year. Players who've made a great impact on the franchise are Mitch Richmond, Jerry Lucas, Bob Davies, Chris Webber, and Oscar Roberson. The best Sacramento Kings of All time are Mitch Richmond, Jerry Lucas and Oscar Robertson.

No. 3: Mitch Richmond (1991 "1998)

Mitch Richmond was named to the All-Star team 6 times and was a five time All-NBA selection in his time with Sacramento. Richmond averaged more than 20 points per game with the Sacramento franchise and was the top scorer for the team in each of the 7 years he was there. Robinson was famous for put up a lot of points with that special ability to score whenever he thought the team needed a basket. Despite his natural scoring ability and overall skills he wasn't able to win a championship in Sacramento. The absence of team success was more so to do with the players around him than the individual play of Robinson.

No. 2: Jerry Lucas (1963 "1969)

In the history of the NBA there are few players who dominated the glass as well as the great Jerry Lucas. Lucas used his instinctsmore than the rest to become a unstoppable force on the boards. He earned Rookie of the Year in 1964 and was a 6 time All-Star. Lucas ' arrival to the franchise allowed the team to be strong contenders for the NBA title. He became celebrated for his 20/20, where he went an entire season grabbing 20 rebounds and scoring 20 points. Lucas was one the wisest players to play the game and a big name for the Royals.

No. 1: Oscar Robertson (1960 "1970)

Oscar Robertson is the franchise leader in minutes, points, assists, field goals made and attempted and free throws made and attempted. Robertson was named to the All-Star team ten times along with 10 All-NBA team selection, Rookie of the Year in 1961 and MVP of the league in 1964. Oscar Robertson has the liberty of being the sole players in the NBA to go thru a whole season averaging a triple-double. Robertson otherwise called "Big O" became an immediate superstar in the NBA and was one of the greatest players to ever play the game.

The Sacramento Kings are a well crafted team in the history of the NBA. At the cener of the franchise is Oscar Robertson. The player was a fantastic player in his time and is the best Sacramento King of All time.

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