Audio Streaming: Easily Captured

By Greg Tilley

Media distribution, particularly that of audio, was a bit more difficult back in the day - first of all, hard drives weren't that spacious yet, and there weren't too many trustworthy media players to choose from.

Today Internet users typically have three or more devices that can decode and play audio streams via the Internet. Further software applications can even allow that download stream to be captured for replay.

This has also spurred an increase in live Internet only radio stations, where a good number of disc jockeys and broadcasters are offering their services to be heard on the Internet. Many broadcasters are venturing into the realm of Internet audio by lending their voices to Internet based radio stations and other audio streams.

Audio streams have become so popular and so advanced these days due to two things - technology and consumer needs.

As an online business using audio to guide your visitor through your website may be a great first step, but there are so many other uses for audio that may take into account visitors who may be visually challenged.

Customers who have vision problems already have their own means to help them navigate websites, but audio streaming could make them feel special and give them a special device to guide them through the process of visiting your site.

If a visitor of your site is rushing a deadline, he or she can also use audio streaming. Visitors can listen to your audio presentation while working on another window.

Audio can also be beneficial in the light of the fact that mobile phones are especially advanced these days. Visitors on the go can listen to audio streaming on their cell phones instead of bothering to read the small print on their iPhones or similar smart phones of the same nature.

An audio stream from a conscientious entrepreneur is likely to meet with the approval of many of your site visitors. It also helps you promote your website with the help of high-end technology, giving it added functionality and giving added incentive for people to visit your website and stay a little longer than they usually do.

Online marketing has helped audio streaming elevate itself from a mere form of entertainment to a valuable part of the internet marketing business. Since it is very easy for consumers to tap into an audio stream you have a unique opportunity to brand your business in ways previously unavailable.

Where once there was debate over the use of graphics on a website now the debate may be centered around the use of audio on a website. Today you find very few websites without graphics. Who knows, maybe in the next few years, the same would apply for sites without audio.

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