Am I Over Feeding My Dog?

By Dirk Gruenberg

When you get a new dog, there will be plenty of decisions that need to be made. One very important one is what kind of food you want to feed your dog - and how much.

Most dog owners figure out what they want to feed just fine, but when it comes to the amount they are often unsure. So how can you be sure you are feeding the right amount?

Not surprisingly, it is impossible to just name a general number. How much food a dog needs has to be decided on an individual basis, because a lot of factors need to be considered in every case.

What are those factors? They include size, age, breed, health, and activity level. So, as you can see, the exact right amount will be somewhat difficult to determine. But there are two sources that will help you get a very good first idea.

Source number one is common sense: the dog food label. Here you will find information on how much to feed. Usually, the label will differentiate between different weights or age. This information will be a good starting point for you.

The second source, too, is sensible: your vet. Vets are experts in the field and, chances are, your vet knows many dogs similar to yours in breed, age, etc. Describe your dog's lifestyle and then ask for the vet's advice.

One more important thing is to simply always keep an eye on your dog's weight. This is more important than most dog owners realize.

Interestingly, many dog owners complain about their dogs being overweight, yet they swear that they do not feed them too much. Don't fool yourself: dogs that do not get too much food, will not be overweight.

In other words: if your dog is overweight, he is eating too much. It is as simple as that, and there is really no denying it. If you find yourself in that position, reduce the amount of food you give your dog.

About the Author:

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