All About Horse Shoe Studs - How to Get More Traction

By Anna Sola

We ride our horses on a myriad of surfaces. We ride them thru water, in sand, thru snow and on hard surfaces, but do you ever consider the traction (or absence of traction) that those different surfaces provide for your horse? Did you know that you can help your horse gain traction in less than ideal settings by using studs?

What Are Studs

Horse shoe studs (often referred to as caulks) are tiny, metal objects to help horses keep their balance in specific circumstances. Though it's not uncommon to see an eventer carrying about a box full of studs at a show, any discipline can use studs to their advantage. Studs have been gaining acclaim in the other disciplines because riders spotted that the right stud can give your horse a boost of confidence which interprets into an enhanced performance.

Find a Good Farrier

A good farrier is an element of the key to utilizing horseshoe studs correctly. Your farrier will drill holes and customize your horse's shoe to the stud so as to create the best fitting for the stud and to ensure your horse stays as comfortable as possible while the studs are in.

Safety First

Studs can be useful or harmful and it's your decision to know how to utilise them correctly. There are many types of studs on the market and you have to select the stud that is right for the job. Larger is not better and you can harm your horse if you choose to use the biggest stud, with no regard for the footing. There are studs for nearly every kind of ground you'll encounter so there is no reason for you to be unable to find an appropriate horseshoe stud for the job. You also have to learn when to insert the studs. Since studs can cause horses to become sore if left in too long and have even been known for causing tendon problems, it is a good idea that you place the studs just before you mount your horse and to remove them right after you've finished your class.

The right stud can help give you an advantage in the show ring. Yet, remember that they can hurt more than they help if they're used incorrectly. Therefore learn what your horse wants and the way to provide it and studs will always help and not impede your performance.

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