About Labradors

By Joy Jackson

However, there are probably some things about a Silver Labrador Dog that you do not already know. They are one of the most popular breeds in the United States and other countries today because of their happy nature and their gentleness with children and other animals, which is often very important for families that are choosing a pet.

First of all, your dog is going to get big. Let's remember to keep that in mind. Most Silver Labrador Dogs do get rather large.

The other thing that you should keep in mind about your Silver Labrador Dog is that they are going to be very friendly, as long as you socialize them properly.When it comes to dogs, however, the Labrador is one of the best for both individuals and families.

IT should be somewhere that is large enough to accommodate a crate which he can be put into, if the need arises, but if you have the perfect space, it should also be a space in which he doesn't need to be crated all of the time.They are strong and they are smart, but people that live in apartments or that do not have either a large yard or a place to walk their dog might not want to get a large dog, simply because of their size and energy level. For others that have more space, however, a Labrador is a good choice because they make good guard dogs but yet are not mean or dangerous. While any dog can bite, Labradors are not known for aggressive behavior, and they are generally very safe to have around the house, even when there are small children involved, as the dogs are very patient and loving.

As loveable as Labradors are, they do have a lot of energy, and sometimes people get a pet without really researching it very well. If they get one without understanding how energetic and playful these dogs are, especially as puppies, they can be upset by the amount of work that must go into the raising of the Labrador and the destructive nature that the Labrador can sometimes display if it does not receive enough attention. Raised well and given room to run, though, the Labrador is a good breed that will provide a family or an individual with many years of companionship and love, and this is generally what is most important for the majority of people.

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