Types of Building Material

By Eldridge Neigh

The Frequently-Used Building Materials

There have been studies on ancient civilizations in order to find what materials and techniques were used in constructing their communities. The studies made were on the Egyptian, Roman and Mayan communities and they have found out that the materials used were stones and blocks and they made their own bricks and other kinds of concrete. The structures were created through complex work and designed based on science. Such techniques and styles are still what the construction workers and engineers are using for creating the buildings.

As for the homes of the North American Indians, they used small sticks and twigs for the roofs and branches and trees for the foundation. The South African Zulus and also the Kenyan tribes made use of cow dung plus water and soil to make the main material for house building. Trees were used in East Asia to be able to create homes and the building styles and the methods they employed before are still used in these days.

UK has made its buildings and fantastic structures through the use of Iron and this is a very common material for bigger constructions and since the 18th century, UK has been using this and much of what they had constructed before can still be seen these days. Another well-known building material is the local stone and this can be mined from the quarries and great for building homes. The kiln based bricks are utilized for in-house building and these are available in a wide array of sizes and colors in order to provide the engineers with more choices for building.

It may not be a popular use for wood in making bridges, but this is very useful for floors and also ceilings which are for the interior of the houses.

With the discovery of crude oil, there are now many materials for the building industry, tar is created from bitumen and this is mixed with gravel and this usually seen and used for the surfaces of the runways and roads.

To make concrete, gravel, sand and lime cement are used and this mixture is utilized most often for making buildings for many years. The two materials that are popularly used today are iron and steel and these are great for heavy constructions. The economic strategy of the countries depend on the different projects in the building industry and a lot of these structures utilize steel. The financial markets of the different countries watch the value of steel since is this is one of the commonly used building materials.

Among the concerns of the Civil Engineering industry are making the houses where we reside, the roads where our cars pass, the bridges and also the dams. Construction materials for these types of materials are varied and the common materials are bricks, concrete, steel, iron, blocks and timber. For the fact that building is a huge industry, this is one important player in the economy of any country.

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