History Of T-Shirt Printing

By Kenneth Braddy

Did you know that the ever-present and familiar T-shirt you are putting on comes from a long heralded history? T-shirt printing dates as far back as the 1700s and originates from Western Europe. Although the printing method was first ushered in by the Asians, Europeans innovated on the first printing system further by printing onto other surfaces, including decorative wall papers, linen and silk, thus the evolution of "silk screen printing."

On the other hand, the base material and the fabric that everyone has come to love, the t-shirt, started as an undergarment which was the cut rendering of the one-piece union suit. When many started to see the one-piece suit that covered the shoulders to the toes a bit uncomfortable, they minimized it in two to make the t-shirt. In these times, t-shirts can be used as undergarments, but printed t-shirts are not worn as an outer clothe for many affairs and purposes.

In Europe, the predecessors of printing, such as Roy Beck, Charles Peter, and Edward Owens, caused a fresh forward trend of this method from the 1900s to the 1960s. The trio forged stencil in 1910, blending chromic acid salts which developed emulsion. Having the stencils made it possible to do large format silk screen printing later on.

Another inventor and groundbreaker named Joseph Ulanos furthered the initial success of stencil, by introducing a lacquer soluble stencil. This produced a solid base to make screens, which in turn could be made into more stencils. The result was automation of silk screen large format printing even in the earlier days, supplying to many publicists, government officers writing posts and notices, and other mass developed print materials.

The introduction of the primitive printing technology indeed brought about more works of creative geniuses to get printed, read, and scattered abroad. In modern days, the printing technology has been utilised to other media, to include the now frequent t-shirt printing.

Nowadays, there are many t-shirt printing companies in the world trading t-shirts with stunning and lasting prints. Aside from those available on the shops, people can also order custom-designed t-shirt printing for many functions either in the family or at work. T-shirt printing is in use in schools for uniforms and in industrial sites and other businesses for work uniforms. It can also be used for fun.

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