Teaching Your Yorkie to Sit

By Steve Cote

Dog breeds are all different. The Yorkshire terrier is a difficult yet endearing breed that'll be ardent to learn new stuff and revel in the process.

Teaching your yorkie to wave a paw should be easy to do as terriers regularly resort to using their paws in a number of ways. The usage of paws to attain a result is often in the terrier caused by a dig instinct. Reward based training and positive strengthening is how to train a yorkie and any other dog. To teach an effective paw wave you might be able to extend your dog's inbuilt instinct.

Each training session should be 10 minutes in length, any longer and your yorkie may become bored or overwhelmed with learning too much. It may take multiple sessions to perfect this trick. Keep training sessions relaxed and fun with lots of praise and reward.

Prepare with a good amount of little treats, minute pieces of ham or other cooked protein do wonders to inspire a Yorkshire terrier. Just about enough to reach a tiny taste with each reward is sufficient.

The following stages should help you teach your yorkie to sit and wave.

- Take away all diversions. Your dog will learn best when focused on you and his reward.

- Show your dog his reward then wait for him to react.

- He'll spend a short time working out how to get his reward and possibly offer you every trick and behavior that he has learned formerly.

- When your dog sits and looks at you reward straight away with a treat. Use the cue word "sit".

- If he then moves from the sit position don't reward, he'll quickly associate sit with reward.

- Finally your dog will work out that he needs to do something else while at the same time sitting. If at that point he does not lift a paw up you can help by holding a treat in your closed hand, he can lift his paw to try to touch your hand.

- Reward at precisely the moment his paw leaves the ground. Introduce the cue word "wave".

- Once lifting his paw is established you can explanation this by withholding the treat for fractionally longer each time until his paw is getting actually high.

That's pretty much it! This should give you a great head-start on how to train a yorkie.

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