New Parent Manual - Baby Skin Care Techniques

By Mary Lawhorn

There is more to baby skin care than most parents realize.Keeping your baby's skin clean and clear means taking care of his or her whole body. Newborns especially are susceptible to skin conditions as they get used to life outside of the protection of Mother's womb. Practicing proper baby skin care means making smart choices throughout the day. Everything from the clothes you put onto your baby to the soap you use at bath time will affect your baby's skin. Don't stress out too much though: practicing good baby skin care does not have to be intricate or hard. With just a little bit of common sense it can be really simple. If you need some help figuring out just how to care for your baby's skin, keep reading!

When you apply sunscreen to your baby's arms and legs don't forget to put some on his cheeks, nose lips and ears as well! When you take the baby outside give him some extra protection by putting some zinc oxide on his face and ears. And remember: always have your baby wear a hat when he or she is outside in the sun! You can never be too careful! When you buy your baby new clothes, bedding or toys make sure to wash them in hypoallergenic and gentle detergent before letting them come into contact with the baby's skin. Doing this helps cut down on the risk that the new clothes, toys or bedding will irritate your baby's skin. We do this even as adults because it just makes good sense to do so. Think about it for a second: when was the last time you wore a new shirt without washing it first?

Don't be too cavalier with your baby's umbilical cord stump. Don't toy with it. The only contact should during the few times a day that you swab it with rubbing alcohol. Other than that, leave it alone. Forego giving your infant a "real" bath until his or her umbilical cord stump falls off.

To keep your baby's diaper from irritating the stump fold down the top of it.It is important to give the stump the best care because it is incredibly sensitive and prone to infection. The stump will leave behind a spot on your baby--talk to your pediatrician about how to best care for that spot. Practicing proper baby skin care can be done via a variety of methods. You need to remember that practicing proper baby skin care involves more than a plain bath. Using the right detergent, sunscreen and even making sure that your baby's skin gets enough fresh air are all important to proper skin care.

Meaningful beauty products is good for the proper skin care of your baby.Don't worry too much, you will eventually become quite used to caring for your baby's skin. It really will feel like a habit before too long!

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